Tomás Martínez Aguirre

  • Project name: Towards the long-term conservation of the El Rincon Stream Frog (Pleurodema somuncurense)
  • Project site: Somuncura plateau, Rio Negro, Argentina
  • EDGE species: El Rincon stream frog Pleurodema somuncurense
  • Active: 2018 - 2020


Tomás intends to continue his education and go on to undertake a PhD to pursue a career as an amphibian conservation biologist. He has already contributed to a number of research and management projects involving the El Rincon stream frog and is keen to continue his work with the species.

Tomás sees the EDGE Fellowship as an opportunity for him to improve and broaden existing conservation efforts to protect the frog and its habitat, the Somuncura plateau. He hopes that the Fellowship will equip him with the skills and knowledge to start his career in conservation.

EDGE Project

Tomás’ project aims to promote the long-lasting viability of wild populations of El Rincon stream frog. His objectives are to:

  • Work with stakeholders to develop an action plan aimed at managing exotic trout at the headwaters of the stream.
  • Test and install temporary dams to impede the access of trout to the headwaters of the Valcheta stream.
  • Educate the local community about the importance of protecting frogs and their habitats, and promote alternatives to calanization.
  • Impede the access of livestock to key sites.
  • Establish viable populations of El Rincon stream frog in places where they have already disappeared.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of reintroduction through monitoring.