Uuganbadrakh Oyunkhishig

  • Project name: Monitoring the ecology and distribution of the long-eared jerboa (Euchoreutes naso) with a view to making conservation recommendations
  • Project site: Great Gobi Protected Area, Gobi Desert, Mongolia
  • EDGE species: Long-eared Jerboa¬†Euchoreutes naso
  • Active: 2009 - 2011


Uuganbadrakh Oyunkhishig is a Mongolian student working to conserve the long-eared jerboa in the Gobi Desert. After completing his BSc in Ecology at the National University of Mongolia, Uuganbadrakh registered to complete a Master’s degree at this same institution. In 2006 he carried out research for the Steppe Forward Programme’s community project on sustainable natural resource use and livelihood improvement.

Uuganbadrakh is very worried about the threats with which wildlife is increasingly being faced in the developing world.


EDGE Project

The aim of Uuganbadrakh’s project was to determine the population status and distribution of the long-eared jerboa (Euchoreutes naso) within the Little Gobi Strictly Protected Area and to develop a Conservation Action Plan containing detailed management recommendations for the species and its habitat. He aimed to achieve this by:

  • Identifying the habitat requirements and preferences of the long-eared jerboa
  • Determining the population density of the species within different habitat types as well as measuring food availability.
  • Analysing population parameters and the main threats facing the jerboas
  • Establishing the relationship between the long-eared jerboa and other species within the Gobi ecosystem, by conducting a study of the composition of the small mammal community within the protected area

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