Vijitha Perera

  • Project name: A longitudinal survey of the endangered red slender loris in Knuckles Range, Sri Lanka
  • Project site: Knuckles Range, Sri Lanka
  • EDGE species: Red slender loris (Loris tardigradus)
  • Active: 2008 - 2009


Vijitha has been working as a wildlife veterinarian for the Sri Lankan Department of Wildlife Conservation since 1998, where his role involves mitigation of human-animal conflict, monitoring migratory species, disease surveillance and treating wild animals, and rehabilitation of orphan/disabled animals.

Vijitha obtained a veterinary degree in 1995 and Master’s degree on Biodiversity Conservation Management in 2003 from the University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka. He also completed a Diploma on Endangered Species Management in 2004 from the International Training Centre of Durrell Wildlife Conservation, Jersey, UK. Further, he has participated in a short course on wild animal health management at the College of African wildlife Management, Tanzania.

EDGE Project

Under the EDGE fellowship, Vijitha conducted a survey of the red slender loris in the Knuckles Range of Central Sri Lanka, a conservation area part of the Knuckles National Heritage and Wilderness area. Vijitha’s objectives were to:

  • Collect morphological, behavioural, and vocalisation data that can be used to evaluate the taxonomic status of the red and grey slender lorises
  • Interview local people using a semi-structured questionnaire, to evaluate their sensitivity and concepts on lorises

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