Werner Conradie

  • Project name: Assessment and mitigation of threats to the critically endangered ghost frogs of South Africa
  • Project site: Elandsberg range, Eastern Cape, South Africa
  • EDGE species: Hewitt’s Ghost frog Heleophryne hewitti & Rose’s Ghost frog Heleophryne rosei
  • Active: 2009 - 2011


Werner has been involved in amphibian research since 2004. He completed his Masters degree in 2006 at the North-West University, South Africa. The focus of his masters was to compile a amphibian species list for the UNESCO Vredfort Dome World Heritage Site, the largest meteorite impact site in the world.

EDGE Project

Werner’s project aims were to:

  • Evaluate the perceived threats to Rose’s ghost frog and Hewitt’s ghost frog that have been listed in the Southern African Frog Atlas and Red Data Book as well as by the Global Amphibian Assessment
  • Conduct a population and habitat assessment by visiting historic and currently known localities and searching for other possible unknown populations
  • Supplement current population monitoring programmes with threats monitoring (e.g. chytrid fungus) and initiate new monitoring programmes where necessary
  • Develop a conservation action plan aimed at ameliorating threatening processes which have contributed to these species becoming critically endangered
  • Increase public awareness about the conservation issues surrounding the ghost frogs and provide training in appropriate management to relevant authorities

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