Withoon Sodsai

  • Project name: Assessing the effectiveness survey to develop Sunda pangolin distribution maps and habitat suitability models
  • Project site: Salakpra Conservation Landscape in Kanchanaburi, Thailand
  • EDGE species: Sunda pangolin Manis javanica
  • Active: 2016 - 2018


Withoon (Gai) is a dedicated conservationist who currently works with ZSL Thailand as a part of their pangolin conservation project. Before this, he worked as an officer in a Thailand National Park, and studied for a degree in Forestry at Kasetsart University.

The EDGE Fellowship has provided Gai with a wealth of conservation skills, connections and experience, which has helped him contribute to the conservation of Thailand’s endangered species.

EDGE Project

Gai’s project is aiming to improve the conservation status of the Sunda pangolin in the study area through the development of an effective surveying methodology, the collection of baseline data, and improvement of law enforcement efficiency in the protection of the species. To achieve this, Gai has been:

  • Testing the effectiveness of line transect surveys combined with camera trapping as a methodology for monitoring Sunda pangolin populations;
  • Developing effective patrol-based monitoring of pangolins and management of poaching threats in the protected area;
  • Incorporating results into a larger study to identify trends in both distribution and habitat suitability for Sunda pangolin.


  • Trained 37 rangers in pangolin sign identification and survey methodology.
  • Recorded 11 pangolins by camera trap to date, proving that his methodology is working.
  • Has had over 100 school students participating in awareness raising activities on pangolin conservation.
  • Has hosted 3 public workshop events both in-country and internationally.

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