Zhou Feng


Zhou Feng works at Shaanxi Normal University and has a Masters degree in developmental biology. As a part of the Chinese Giant Salamander project Zhou Feng focused on disease diagnosis with the aim of preventing catastrophic disease outbreaks on Chinese giant salamander farms.

EDGE Project

The EDGE Chinese giant salamander project aimed to improve the knowledge and capacity to underpin, promote and implement a strategic conservation plan for the Chinese giant salamander. Four fellows contributed to the project, bringing their own personal skill set to each component.

For her part in the project, Zhou improved biosecurity and disease diagnostic capabilities in Chinese giant salamander farms to reduce the risk of disease transmission to wild populations.


The 2014 Chinese Giant salamander project achievements include:

  • ZSL signed an MoU with the FNNR management authority, which has committed to supporting ongoing amphibian work in the reserve and has agreed to establish a visitor centre featuring Chinese Giant salamanders and contribute towards the costs of undertaking field surveys;
  • Training workshops have been held to train the project collaborators in standardised protocols for field survey methods. This will increase the level of monitoring the salamander receives across its range;
  • Shu Chen presented findings from the project at the 27th International Congress for Conservation Biology in Montpellier, France;
  • A documentary film has been produced for the project: “Giants on the EDGE”, and was aired at the 3rd Asia Regional Conference of the Society for Conservation Biology to further raise the conservation awareness of the Chinese Giant salamander internationally;
  • A book aimed at encouraging students to explore the wildlife of Fanjingshan National Nature Reserve was published and launched.


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