WHAT IS INSTANT WILD?Images of wild animals are sent to you directly from small automatic cameras placed in remote locations.

When you identify the wild animal by matching the photo with the relevant image in the Field Guide you save conservationist thousands of hours by helping to sort the images by species group. This enables scientist to analyze the data much faster and assess whether the threatened animals are increasing or decreasing. This knowledge is essential for effective conservation.

Get THE Instant WILD APPThe Instant Wild App provides you with the ability to view the latest captured images from camera traps around the world

Camera traps are a tool widely used in conservation work. They take a photo when a motion sensor detects movement within the field of view, and within a certain range. We use them to monitor trends in species and now you can too!

Receive notifications when a camera you've elected to follow takes a new photo and help our conservation researchers by attempting to identify the species in the image with the Instant Wild app.