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Become a Fellow

**The call for 2024-2026 EDGE Fellowship applications is now CLOSED**

We are only receiving applications from Latin America, the Pacific & the Caribbean islands in 2023

One of the most effective ways ZSL’s EDGE of Existence programme works to secure the future of EDGE species is by awarding two year Fellowships to future conservation leaders – EDGE Fellows – who are dedicated to the conservation of poorly-known EDGE species.

The two-year Fellowship comprises of:

  • 4-week Conservation Tools training course at the beginning of the programme to provide Fellows with essential training in techniques to plan and implement their project;
  • A grant of £10,000 to undertake a 2-year project on a top-priority EDGE species;
  • Ongoing technical support via online modules, web-based tutorials/seminars, and field visits throughout the Fellowship;
  • One-to-one support from a scientific advisor based at ZSL or a partner organisation;
  • 2-week Conservation Impact training course in London to help Fellows prepare for the next stage of their career.

You may be eligible for an EDGE Fellowship if you:

  • Focus your work on an EDGE species included on the 2023 curated list.
  • Are an early-career conservationist with less than ten years’ paid experience.
  • Are able to effectively communicate and understand English.
  • Are a resident of the country in which the proposed focal species occurs.

  1. Application guidelines
  2. Application form
  3. Risk Assessment template
  4. Curated species list
  5. FAQ

Applicants are strongly encouraged to discuss their projects with the EDGE team before applying, and we will be happy to provide feedback on draft applications submitted at least 3 weeks before the deadline.

Application deadline: 23:59 (BST) 16th July 2023

The application is now CLOSED. All applications will be reviewed by a panel of experts. Applicants will be informed in October 2023 of the decision.

ZSL’s EDGE of Existence Programme is kindly supported by Fondation Franklinia, On The EDGE and The Darwin Initiative