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Equipped and ready to go!

By on November 22, 2012 in Corals, EDGE Fellows, EDGE Updates
As the EDGE Conservation Tools training course draws to a close, we’d like to bring you some of the participants’ parting thoughts. January Ndagala is a Marine Conservation Warden at Tanga Coelacanth Marine Park in Tanzania and he explains his new found love for EDGE…

January: Equipped and ready!

It all started a month ago.  Now it’s only an hour before the EDGE Conservation Tools training course closes!

It’s not been easy; it’s taken all of my mental power and physical effort to keeping going throughout the challenges posed by this course. But no words can adequately explain how much this training has reshaped my conservation career path and my ability to do my job as a manager of a Marine Protected Area.

As I head back home to Tanzania, I feel not only enriched with biodiversity conservation skills but also more confident to partake in high level conservation planning and decision making processes within and outside my institution. I am now more informed than ever. I am ready to go and apply these skills and inspire as many folks as I can. I intend to contribute significantly to the various initiatives focused on conservation of biodiversity of the world.

ZSL you should know that you have absolutely inspired me to integrate EDGE species into my regular ecological monitoring programmes. EDGE corals exist both within and outside my MPA but have not typically been included in survey efforts. I believe that I have now developed the skills, interest and drive to survey these very rare yet ecologically important species and instigate conservation action.

January underwater

I heartily commend the ZSL training team for composing such a relevant and comprehensive conservation course, often offering more than the modules delivered regularly in many university and colleges. Dr. Rajan Amin deserves special acknowledgement for his support of current and future conservation leaders. I know this is just the beginning of a long partnership and collaboration.

Let’s join hands to protect EDGE species!

The EDGE Conservation Tools training course forms part of the EDGE Fellowship programme – to learn more click HERE