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FREE conservation courses are now online!

By on September 29, 2016 in EDGE Conservation, EDGE Updates, Video, ZSL
Check out the United for Wildlife page here!

Interested in learning more about wildlife conservation? Take our FREE online courses now!

ZSL’s EDGE of Existence Programme, in partnership with United for Wildlife, has developed a free online platform, available to everyone around the world, to learn about wildlife conservation (  You can take our massive, open, online courses (MOOCs) without pre-existing knowledge so don’t worry if you’ve never taken a conservation course before. You can learn at your own pace and in your own time, whether that is 5 minutes or an hour of your day. You will have the opportunity to interact with fellow learners from all over the globe on our online forum where you can share your experiences or start discussions on the topics you’ve learnt.

In the “Introducing conservation” courses, you can learn the fundamentals of conservation biology, the intricate relationship between people and the environment, examples of successful on-the-ground conservation projects and find out how you can be involved in conservation action. Discuss course topics and share your own experiences with fellow learners from around the world in our online community. Learn from notable conservation professionals about important projects all over the world. Watch the trailer to find out more:



Collared pygmy sloth ©Nisha Owen
Collared pygmy sloth ©Nisha Owen

We have just launched our first “Insights” course, “Species and spaces”, with all new badges, quizzes and activities. Building on the introductory courses, it looks at how conservationists decide which species to save, which areas to prioritise and focus on and how prioritisation can be turned into conservation action on the ground. There is also an entire lesson dedicated to the EDGE of Existence Programme, showcasing how prioritisation is put in action. You can find out about why it is important to prioritise species based on both evolutionary distinctiveness and global endangerment, how we support Fellows to work on EDGE species and take a closer look at our pygmy sloth conservation project.

So immerse yourself into the natural world. Get started now.