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Funding secured to continue and expand EDGE fellow’s work

By on August 16, 2013 in EDGE Updates

EDGE fellow Dušan Jelić and the PROTEUS project in Croatia has received a € 240,000 grant to continue his vital work on the olm. These funds will allow them to continue mo
Dušan has been working on the olm as part of his EDGE fellowship since 2011. As part of this he has beenstudying and monitoring wild populations as well as organising conferences and producing a species action plan. This funding will allow Dušan and his collaborators to continue this vital work.  Dušan commented on how beneficial the EDGE fellowship has been to his development, he said ‘EDGE definitely helped me to build up knowledge on project preparation and management; also I learned how to identify new threats and how to cope with them through adaptive approach to project activities.’ nitoring olm populations on a number of sites across Croatia. This is really exciting news and will hopefully lead to long term monitoring of this truly unique species.


This is fantastic news for the species and Dušan. We hope it will lead to a much greater understating about the species and result in effective conservation being implemented in the region.


Click here to read more about the work PROTEUS are planning.