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Introducing ZSL’s new Segré EDGE Fellows

By on February 7, 2017 in EDGE Fellows, EDGE Updates

ZSL’s EDGE of Existence programme is pleased to announce a new and exciting collaboration with Fondation Segré, which will support fifteen EDGE Fellowships over the next five years. These early-career conservationists will be drawn from all over the world, enabling us to continue in our goal of training and empowering the next generation of conservation leaders to help save Evolutionarily Distinct and Globally Endangered species.

The first Segré EDGE Fellows are about to start their Fellowships, having recently participated in a month-long Conservation Tools training course in Madagascar, taught by the EDGE team. The course equipped them with all the skills they need to implement effective conservation activities for their selected EDGE species over the next two years.

Meet the Fellows

Aurelie Hector, Round Island boa Casarea dussumieri, Mauritus. 

Photo Credit: Aurelie Hector

Emmanuel Amoah, West African slender-snouted crocodile Mecistops cataphractus, Ghana

Photo Credit: cc flickr

Judith Mirembe, shoebill Balaeniceps rex, Uganda

Photo Credit: Nature Uganda

Naina Rabemananjara, Northern giant mouse lemur Mirza zaza, Madagascar

Photo Credit: Martin Jorgensen

Sylviane Lova Rakotozafy, Mantellid frog Mantidactylus pauliani, Madagascar

Photo Credit: L.S Rakotozafy


Our collaboration with Fondation Segré will also support some brand-new opportunities for our EDGE Fellows to make a real difference in the conservation of their EDGE species.

Every year for three years, starting in 2018, we will offer one prestigious Segré EDGE Species Survival Award to the very best of our Fellows, to implement the highest priority conservation actions needed to save their species. We’re grateful to Fondation Segré for supporting our essential capacity building work and investing in the next generation of conservation leaders.

If you’re an early-career conservationist interested in saving EDGE species in your country, look out for our call for applications every year. And, your support helps ZSL to conserve little-known EDGE species all over the world.