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Public awareness education in China

By on June 8, 2009 in Bactrian camel, EDGE Fellows, Focal species, Mammals, Uncategorized

EDGE Fellow Yuan Lei has sent this update on public awareness educational campaigns which were run by staff from the Lop Nur Wild Camel National Nature Reserve at Dikaner checkpoint of the reserve and Shanshan county, both in northern China.

From 21st to 22nd  April, we spent two days for wild camel’s and biodiversity protection public awareness education at north of the Lop Nur wild camel national nature reserve.

The first day, we organized the public awareness education in the front of the Dikaner checkpoint which lie in the Dikaner village. We organized the entertainment to assemble villagers together in the front of the checkpoint. We sent out the education materials to the villagers. Local government is very keen on the wild camel protection. Nearly all of the departments of the Shanshan county and Dikaner village designed different wild camel education board to show why wild camel and other wildlife are very important to be protected. And how to protect them.

On second day, we move to Shanshan county for public awareness education. Because Shanshan county is one of the closest county to the reserve, we held this public awareness education in the street of the Shanshan county. We introduced the environment protection and wild camel protection. Also “camel” is the official mascot for Shanshan county. We can see many camel’s statues stand along the streets.

The majority of major threats to wild camels are human-caused, so educational campaigns such as these organised by Yuan Lei are imperative in working towards sustainable solutions to reduce such threats.

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