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Zakhyn-Us Hay Crisis – update

By on January 23, 2009 in EDGE Updates, Uncategorized

News just in from John Hare of the Wild Camel Protection Foundation that hay has been delivered to the captive breeding centre at Zakhyn-Us – just!

John wrote to us last week asking for our help in raising awareness of the hay crisis at the centre, which is home to 24 Critically Endangered wild Bactrian camels (see here for more details). He wrote again this morning, following an update from the staff at the centre.

We learnt today that 80 percent of Mongolia is covered in snow and the forecasts are that it will be a very severe winter. Extra hay, desperately needed to keep the captive camels warm throughout the harsh Mongolian winter, was brought to the centre by truck a few days ago. But getting it there was quite an ordeal! The hay lorry broke down in thick snow and the hay team had to dig for two days to find their way out of trouble and get the lorry through!

Thanks to the dedication and determination of the team in Mongolia, the captive camels are now assured a snug winter – for the time being, anyway. For more information on WCPF and its work with wild camels in China and Mongolia, please visit