Adiya Yadamsuren

  • Project name: Conserving wild camels in the Great gobi, Mongolia
  • Project site: Great Gobi, Mongolia
  • EDGE species: Wild camel Camelus ferus
  • Active: 2007 - 2010


Adiya has an MSc from State Pedagogical University of Mongolia and a PhD, focused on the wild camel, from the National University of Mongolia. Adiya is passionate about conserving Mongolia’s endangered wildlife and with 10 years of experience working to conserve the camel he has become a leader in conservation.

EDGE Project

During his EDGE Fellowship Adiya:

  • Surveyed wild camels in Great Gobi Protected Area in Mongolia to determine abundance, distribution and species composition
  • Assessed impact of human activity on camels in and around the reserve by carrying out habitat assessments and interviewing local herders and agriculturalists
  • Mapped locations of water points, legal and illegal mines and domestic camel grazing areas within the reserve
  • Created a regional Conservation Action Plan for the wild camel


  • Adiya is establishing an NGO called Wild camels Protection Foundation in Mongolia to focus on engaging people in the conservation of the camel. As a part of these activities he is writing a book on the camels for children
  • Since 2002, Adiya and his research team have published 15 papers in national/international journals, two books and brochures for Park rangers

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