Dickson Katana

  • Project name: Conservation and protection of Kenya’s endemic viperidae: Bitis worthingtoni
  • Project site: Naivasha region, Mount Kenya
  • EDGE species: Kenya Horned Viper, Bitis worthingtoni
  • Active: 2023 - ongoing


Dickson currently works for Atheris Adventures in various different roles, he is an education officer and research assistant, as well as being the primary snake handler within the company.

Having worked with snakes from a young age, Dickson hopes to continue his passion from primarily a snake husbandry and tour guide to a more conservation lead role. He is looking forward to learning new skills and using them to combine with his field experience to create a sustainable and effective approach to conservation.

EDGE Project

Dickson’s project aims to improve knowledge and conservation of the Kenyan horned viper (Bitis worthingtoni) in the Great Rift Valley of Kenya.

His objectives are to:
• Determine population density of Bitis worthingtoni in the Great Rift Valley.
• Determine Bitis worthingtoni distribution in the Great Rift Valley.
• Implement snake education program in schools around the Great Rift Valley
• Raise snake conservation awareness in communities surrounding Bitis worthingtoni habitat.