Eva Johnson

  • Project name: Conservation of the Nguru Spiny Pygmy Chameleon
  • Project site: Mkingu Nature Reserve
  • EDGE species: Nguru Spiny Pygmy Chameleon, Rhampholeon acuminatus
  • Active: 2023 - ongoing


Eva currently a conservation education officer with the Environmental Conservation for Wildlife and Community Enterprise, in Tanzania, and she has a BSc in Wildlife Science & Conservation.

Eva hopes that the Fellowship will improve her skill sets in both qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis, as well as the ability to incorporate indigenous knowledge into scientific issues. Alongside this she is wanting to build a strong network with other herpetologists and conservationists not just in Tanzania but worldwide.

EDGE Project

Eva’s project aims to build support for the Nguru Spiny Pygmy chameleon and improve knowledge on threats (collection pressure) and ecology in Mkingu Nature Reserve.

Her objectives are to:
• Determine the abundance of Nguru Spiny Pygmy (NSP) chameleon (Rhampholeon acuminatus) in Mkingu nature reserve
• Examine habitat characteristics that determine the abundance and distribution of R. acuminatus within Mkingu nature reserve
• Determine the possible occurrence of R. acuminatus in off-reserve areas near the main study site (Mkingu nature reserve)
• Assess the current collection trend of R. acuminatus in the wild
• Raising conservation awareness on R. acuminatus and other chameleons in villages and primary schools nearby Mkingu nature reserve.