Jailabdeen A

  • Project name: Securing Chambal for Gharials: research priorities and conservation actions
  • Project site: National Chambal Sanctuary, India
  • EDGE species: Gharial Gavialis gangeticus
  • Active: 2019 - 2022


Jailabdeen is currently studying for a PhD in Animal Science from Bharathidasan University. Through his research he has learned about the signature signals in male gharials, communication between rival males and adult-hatching communication post-hatch. Jailabdeen recently changed careers after working in multimedia.

Jailabdeen looks forward to improving his reporting writing and analytical skills, and sharing his experiences with the other EDGE Fellows.

EDGE Project

Jailabdeen’s aim is to develop a comprehensive assessment of gharials in National Chambal Sanctuary (NCS), India, their riverine habitats, and threats and challenges to their survival. He also intends to build a website which will provide the status of gharials in NCS and develop links to other gharial conservation efforts in India and Nepal. His objectives are to:

  • Monitor the four main seasonal behaviours (breeding, nesting, hatching and monsoon) of gharials in the upper part of the river
  • Evaluate current gharial survey methodologies and develop reliable and accurate standard survey protocols
  • Develop a NCS wide assessment of gharial populations and habitat in GIS based web format
  • Build capacity at the local and regional level to monitor and conserve gharials in NCS