Maholy habitat

Maholy Ravaloharimanitra


Maholy is currently the National Representative for The Aspinall Foundation, prior to which she was in various roles since 2008. These roles included a technical assistant post and an assistant to the national representative.

Maholy believes that the Fellowship will help to fill knowledge gaps, especially in terms of statistical analysis and ecological monitoring techniques. She would also like to gain skills and confidence from the training to help elaborate and attract funders attention to increase funding opportunities.

EDGE Project

Maholy’s project aims to increase knowledge on the species and the threats to its conservation and to contribute to establish a community-led conservation strategy, activities and monitoring.

Her objectives are to:

• Extend current knowledge on the species ecology, distribution and abundance within the project area;
• Identify, assess and analyse threats to the survival of the species;
• Raise awareness locally, regionally, nationally and internationally on why and how to protect the species from extinction;
• Develop a sustainable conservation strategy for the species in collaboration with local communities, authorities and identified partners;
• Build capacity and empower the local community to implement the identified conservation strategies for the species.