Naina Ratsimba Rabemananjara

  • Project name: Identifying the ecological needs of Mirza zaza for conservation management
  • Project site: Ankarafa Forest, Madagascar
  • EDGE species: Northern giant mouse lemur Mirza zaza
  • Active: 2017 - 2019


Naina has previously been working as an Assistant Officer on a conservation project examining the threats to the Critically Endangered Sahamalaza sportive lemur, another endemic to the region. He has previously studied sifakas and conducted surveys to ascertain levels of bushmeat consumption in important areas for lemurs.

Naina is driven to conserve lemurs and their habitats in Madagascar. He views his Segré-EDGE Fellowship as the catalyst to help him hone his skills as a wildlife conservationist and develop the expertise to become a leader in his field. He would like to use this status to increase awareness and protection for threatened Malagasy biodiversity.

EDGE Project

Naina’s Segré-EDGE Fellowship project will focus on how best to address the key threats to the lemur, tackling the degradation of habitat within the National Park, and assessing how to change the current unsustainable hunting pressures by local communities. The project aims to:

  • Produce a detailed conservation strategy Survival Blueprint that identifies key forest management and preservation activities;
  • Update the species IUCN Red List assessment and undertake key activities highlighted by the Primate Action Plan;
  • Engage local communities in the project, using outreach activities to identify ways to change behaviours around illegal logging and hunting;
  • Identify sites with illegal encroachment from agricultural and slash-and-burn practices, to increase the effectiveness of law enforcement patrols and target areas where restoration is needed.

ZSL’s EDGE of Existence Programme is kindly supported by Fondation Segré, investing in the next generation of conservation leaders.

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