Kenyan plains

Sidney Shema

  • Project name: Understanding Secretarybird movements in relation to grass cover and prey availability.
  • Project site: Athi-Kaputiei Plains, Kenya
  • EDGE species: Secretarybird, Sagittarius serpentarius
  • Active: 2020 - ongoing


Sidney is currently working for the Kenya Bird Map Project, and has completed a BSc in Wildlife Management & Conservation from the University of Nairobi. He also regularly contributes data as a citizen scientist to the Global Raptor Impact Network.

Sidney would like to use the Fellowship as an opportunity to receive high-quality training and mentorship to design effective conservation programmes not only for the Secretarybird, but also other raptors in Kenya. Further to this he would like to use the skills he gains to initiate a long-term research and conservation programme for understudied species in southern Keny

EDGE Project

Sidney’s project aims to improve our understanding of the foraging movements of Secretarybirds in Kenya to identify important foraging grounds.

His objectives are to:

• Determine whether the movements of Secretarybirds are influenced by variations in grass cover;
• Determine whether there is a correlation between amount of grass cover and Secretarybird prey availability;
• Develop conservation strategies with major stakeholders through a variety of meetings and workshops.