Sylviane Rakotozafy

  • Project name: Distribution, abundance and gene flow of Mantidactylus pauliani in Ankaratra Special Reserve
  • Project site: Ankaratra massif, Madagascar
  • EDGE species: Madagascar Frog Mantidactylus pauliani
  • Active: 2017 - 2019


Following completion of her MSc in Animal Biology and Conservation Sylviane has worked as a conservationist on a wide range of projects in Madagascar, from amphibians and reptiles to lemurs, and most recently as a consultant for the Peregrine Fund studying the endangered gecko Phelsuma klemmeri in its new locality. Sylviane has also worked as a research assistant on various projects focusing on Herpetofauna conservation, including Mantellid frogs, and has monitored frog species for the presence of Bd. Through different internships and training courses, she has also enhanced her experience in biodiversity research and conservation.

Sylviane views her Segré-EDGE Fellowship as the perfect opportunity to develop her skill-set to preserve Madagascar’s unique species and habitats. She will take advantage of the extensive global network of expertise to acquire the knowledge necessary to become a conservation leader.

EDGE Project

This Segré-EDGE Fellowship project aims to increase knowledge of the distribution, abundance and gene flow of the Madagascar frog Mantidactylus pauliani and William’s bright-eyed frog Boophis williamsi, another Critically Endangered frog species from the same area, while motivating local communities in conservation actions to save the species from extinction. To achieve this, Sylviane will:

  • Monitor existing populations and extensively survey other suitable habitats to search for potential new populations of Madagascar frog.
  • Analyse riparian habitat conditions.
  • Characterise the extent of gene flow among remnant populations of these species and how this has been affected by historical forest loss.
  • Improve knowledge and influence attitude and perception of local people to get them motivated to assist in the conservation of Ankaratra.
  • Conduct a pilot project to test whether the use of VIE tags is effective to monitor these Critically Endangered species.


  • Received an equipment grant from IDEA Wild to support her EDGE project.
  • Received a Rufford Small Grant to support her EDGE project.

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