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Borneo 2019

In January/February 2019, the EDGE Programme delivered its ninth EDGE Conservation Tools Training Course at Danum Valley Field Centre, Borneo. The course was attended by eighteen participants. All eighteen participants were successfully awarded EDGE Fellowships.

Borneo EDGE Conservation Tools training course 2019

Each year, as part of the EDGE Fellowship programme, ZSL runs an EDGE Conservation Tools training course, bringing together early-career conservationists from around the globe working on mammal, amphibian, bird, reptile and coral EDGE species. The Fellows arrive in at Danum Valley Field Center, Borneo, ready to start their training.

Welcome to Danum Valley, Borneo

In January 2019, eighteen international participants joined experts from ZSL for four action packed weeks of intensive training in the tools required to design, implement and manage successful conservation projects. This year the training was based at Danum Valley Field Center, Borneo. This would be their home for the next month.

Getting to work

Through a series of lectures, hands-on practical’s and assessments, participants were taught four core modules: the principles of conservation biology, ecological monitoring, social science surveying techniques and applied conservation action.

A menagerie of incredible wildlife

Day and night it wasn't hard to spot some amazing Bornean species, including this adorable tarsier.


Some of the wildlife was a less welcome sight, such as the tiger and brown leeches which are found throughout the forest.

Camera trapping

The Fellows set up camera traps throughout the forest to learn about this monitoring technique and discover the wildlife around them.

Equipment training

The Fellows are introduced to the use of various fieldwork equipment, like these canopy densiometers.

Rain or shine!

The temperamental Bornean weather meant that the Fellows were often out in the rain for training.

New technology

The Fellows are fascinated by the drone training provided by EDGE Regional Projects Manager Davi.

A special wildlife encounter

Staff and participants are blown away when a mother and baby orangutan are seen around the camp.

Survey training

The Fellows try their hand at DISTANCE sampling.

Confidence building

Course participants frequently have to work together in training sessions.

First aid training

Not all of the training is conservation-based, as critical field skills like emergency first response training are taught.

Sciencetelling Bootcamp

For the second year running trainers from National Geographic joined the Fellows for a Sciencetelling Bootcamp. The Fellows received lessons in videography, social media, writing and public speaking, as well as photography training from renowned Nat Geo photographer Anand Varma.

Stakeholder workshop

An important part of the course is a mock stakeholder workshop, which will help the Fellows when they carry out these workshops for their own projects.


All of the participants successfully completed the training course and were presented with certificates to mark their achievements. The EDGE team is now working with the course participants to support and develop their projects. If you are interested in attending the next training course and becoming an EDGE Fellow, please visit