In Search of an Elusive Echidna

. Paul Barnes is a fresh-faced PhD student from the Institute of Zoology. He is passionate, well-spoken and has devoted himself to what some people believe is a hopeless cause.  Paul hopes to find evidence of, maybe even a living specimen of, Sir David Attenborough’s long-beaked echidna. This species has not been seen by western […]

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Forgotten species featured in fashion collection

Four top priority EDGE species have been highlighted in a unique fashion collection, Simply Rare, which features the long-beaked echidna, slender loris, saiga antelope, and long-eared jerboa. Student Rachel Browne designed the pieces as part of her final collection for her degree at the Arts University College Bournemouth. Rachel wanted to highlight the plight of […]

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Amazing new species in Papua’s “Lost World”

During a follow up visit to the Foja Mountains of Papua, scientists from Conservation International and the Indonesian Institute of Sciences have recently announced the discovery of two new undocumented mammals. The team set off the revisit the Foja Mountains, where in 2005 they discovered dozens of new species of plants and mammals, resulting in […]

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Search for Attenborough’s echidna (Part 6)

When I heard the birds of paradise calling I knew it was time to get up.  As I stumbled out of my tent it was still dark in the forest, but I could see that Wandi was ready to start hiking.  After ingesting a pack of noodles we started quickly making our way along the […]

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Search for Attenborough’s echidna (Part 5)

We offered Wandi a place in the tent, but he preferred to sleep by the camp fire.   I don’t think he slept much as the camp had been completely transformed by morning.  It looked like something out of Gilligan’s Island. When I asked him how he slept he said it was great except for the […]

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