Survival of saiga calves in Western Mongolia

EDGE Fellow Bayarbaatar Buuveibaatar, known as Buuvei has sent in his latest update on the progress of his saiga research in Mongolia. The saiga (Saiga tatarica) is one of the world’s fastest animals and poaching has caused a huge population decline. In this blog Buuvei outlines his current research and reports on what he has […]

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Forgotten species featured in fashion collection

Four top priority EDGE species have been highlighted in a unique fashion collection, Simply Rare, which features the long-beaked echidna, slender loris, saiga antelope, and long-eared jerboa. Student Rachel Browne designed the pieces as part of her final collection for her degree at the Arts University College Bournemouth. Rachel wanted to highlight the plight of […]

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Extraordinary saiga is Species of the Day

The saiga (Saiga tatarica) is EDGE mammal conservation priority number 62, and is today’s IUCN Species of the Day. This extraordinary-looking antelope is found in central Asia in about five distinct sub-populations. The saiga’s over-sized nose is thought to be an adaptation for warming and moistening inhaled air during the winter, filtering out airborne dust […]

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‘Dzud’ hits Mongolian wildlife

This year, Mongolia is affected by a “dzud”, a natural disaster consisting of a summer drought, followed by heavy snowfall with extreme cold temperatures. The heavy snowfall and extreme cold temperatures (up to -50 degrees centigrade) have lead to a massive death of the livestock. According to the National Statistical Office of Mongolia, over 5 […]

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Mongolia saiga calf captured and collared

EDGE supports Mongolian conservationist Buuvei through the EDGE Fellows programme to research threats to saiga. Here is an account of his most recent fieldwork: In June 2008, the joint project between Wildlife Conservation Society and Mongolian Academy of Sciences initiated field survey to understand survival and mortality of saiga calf in western Mongolia. This year, […]

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