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We Cycled Across the Isle of Wight for EDGE!

  It’s not often that we see such young and enthusiastic fundraisers, so these four boys definitely deserve a special mention. Hugo Moore and his friends Tom Brockwell, Daniel Mulroy, and Charlie Mackrill are all eleven years old and attend St Saviours Primary School on the Isle of Wight. Hugo wrote to us to explain […]

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Species of the Week: Malagasy Giant Jumping Rat

A few weeks ago in February, two new Malagasy giant jumping rats (Hypogeomys antimena) were born at London Zoo. This is the desired result of a captive breeding programme set up in 1990 by the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, and now there are more than 50 giant jumping rats in twelve different institutions throughout the […]

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International Women’s Day: Women on the EDGE

All around the world, women have long played a leading role in environmental protection and conservation. Among the earliest conservationists was Harriet Hemenway, who in 1896 worked to defend birds from being slaughtered for their plumes’ use in fashion. Now there are many organisations which have created opportunities to connect young girls and women to […]

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Species of the week: Greater Bamboo Lemur

Mainly eating bamboo, with the occasional fruit snack, might lead you to think this lemur is very small, but in fact it weighs in at around 2.5 kilograms! This ‘rotund’ lemur was discovered in 1870. It was then not seen for over 100 years and scientists thought it had gone extinct. Fortunately it was rediscovered […]

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New Family of Caecilians Discovered

North-east India is a poorly understood region only considered to be a ‘gateway’ between the Himalayan and Indo-Burmese biodiversity hotspots, but now researchers are calling for more attention after the recent discovery of a whole new family of amphibians in the area. This result is the culmination of five years of hard labour: from 2006 […]

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