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Introducing EDGE Fellow Gregorio E. dela Rosa, Jr (Ditto)

I’m Gregorio E. dela Rosa, Jr. but people usually refer to me as Ditto. I have been working as a research specialist for Haribon Foundation for the Conservation of Nature since 2006. Haribon Foundation is the oldest biodiversity conservation organization in the Philippines, established in 1972. The name ‘Haribon’ comes from the Filipino words Haring […]

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And the course comes to an end

And the course comes to an end

The first EDGE Coral Reefs training course has been completed, and I gained a lot of information and new knowledge from it. The course participants were from the coral triangle region and the teachers were experts in the field. Dr. Bert Hoeksema, for example, taught us how to identify coral reef development and name new discoveries, as well as the symbiotic role of corals and how they function as a micro […]

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