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Hunting for the baby fish

A team of experts from ZSL recently visited our Chinese giant salamander project in China. Head of ZSL’s herpetology department Ben Tapley has written this blog to describe the trip. Known locally as the baby fish due to the crying sound it reportedly makes, the Chinese giant salamander is the world’s largest amphibian.  Listed as […]

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Long-lost EDGE Species Rediscovered After 40 Years

  The Dinagat bushy-tailed cloud rat (Crateromys australis) has been rediscovered in the wild after nearly 40 years in hiding. With a body size of around 30-70cm and a tri-coloured tail, the Dinagat cloud rat is arguably one of the most spectacular murids, endemic only to the Philippines and unfortunately also critically endangered. The Dinagat […]

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Aardvarks: The Most Evolutionarily Distinct Mammals

A baby aardvark was born in Antwerpen zoo in Belgium on the 6th of January, called ‘Nuru’, which means ‘light’ in Swahili. It is only the tenth baby aardvark born in the zoo in more than 50 years. The Aardvark (Orycteropus afer), also known as an antbear, has the highest score for being the most […]

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New Family of Caecilians Discovered

North-east India is a poorly understood region only considered to be a ‘gateway’ between the Himalayan and Indo-Burmese biodiversity hotspots, but now researchers are calling for more attention after the recent discovery of a whole new family of amphibians in the area. This result is the culmination of five years of hard labour: from 2006 […]

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Two years on: continued conservation action

Two years on: continued conservation action

So much has happened since our last posting that I have no idea if I’ll be able to cram it all into a reasonable length blog. One of the main highlights of this period has to be the ISLA (Island Species-Led Action) course which we run at the Punta Cana Ecological Foundation from the 19th […]

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