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Introducing Kimitei….

By on October 21, 2008 in EDGE Fellows, Hirola, Mammals, Uncategorized

Hi friends! It is a pleasure to have this chance to write one or two for you. I am Kimitei Kimeli Kenneth a young Scientist in Kenya.

I did a Wildlife Management degree in Moi University where I graduated in 2004. This opened my interest for biodiversity conservation. In 2005, I mobilized youth where we succeeded to form a Community Based Organization (CBO) called Pathfinder. The CBO aimed at conserving the Natural Resources at grassroots level. I joined Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) in November 2006. I am a resident Assistant Research Scientist in Tsavo Research Station (Tsavo East National Park, Kenya).

My main activity is to collect data, collate, analyze and write reports and disseminate information on threats facing the integrity of Tsavo National Parks. This is done through species and habitat monitoring.

Currently, I am EDGE Fellow for the project for the long term monitoring of the translocated hirola population In Tsavo East National Park. Hirola was once a wide spread African antelope but now they are the most critically endangered species according to IUCN criteria. The species is known to survive in dry terrain. Their range was from Cape to Horn of Africa but now shrunk to 2 districts in Eastern Kenya and some remnants if they are in South East Somalia.

You can read more about Kimitei’s first monitoring results here.

To support Kimitei’s conservation work become an EDGE Champion, or donate here.