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Izilwane: Connecting the Human Animal to the Global Ecosystem

By on September 14, 2011 in News, Uncategorized

Izilwane, a new organization, is not only ready to inspire but also not afraid of controversy.  It takes an anthropological approach to biodiversity loss and proposes a direction for change. The first step of which,  is to awaken to the reality that we, as human beings, are an integral part of nature and are not separate from our environment. The hope is that this new viewpoint will change the way we choose to live as individuals and societies in relation to the ecosystem. Dr. Tara Lumpkin, the founder of this initiative, believes that humans must alter our perception of our place in the animal kingdom in order to create a more sustainable relationship with the earth.

Izilwane, which means animals in Zulu is an interactive online magazine with a goal to emotionally inspire readers through articles, interviews, photo galleries, video galleries and other multimedia, and by enhancing the human connection to the natural environment raise awareness of the need to slow the global rate of biodiversity loss. The dynamic project includes a forum where people from a variety of backgrounds and walks of life can exchange ideas. Izilwane believes such an exchange can lead to the emergence of new leaders working to enhance human beings’ relationships to other species and nature.

I would like to invite you to visit the website and blog of this initiative and explore not only loss of biodiversity, but also population growth, consumption patterns, empowering women, global economic systems, evolution, biocultural connections, and a cornucopia of topics about the human place in nature.

How do you see our place in the natural environment? Can we alter our perception?