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Species of the week: Angel’s Madagascar frog

By on October 18, 2011 in Species of the Week, Uncategorized

As the name suggests Angel’s Madagascar frog (Boehmantis microtympanum) lives exclusively in Madagascar, specifically in southeastern Madagascar. This is a brook-dwelling frog species, often found on large stones in fast-flowing rocky torrents. Angel’s Madagascar frog is mainly active at night, but is sometimes found jumping on the stones in the afternoon.

There are no records of the call of this frog, which lives in very noisy torrents and, considering it has a reduced eardrum, it is possible this specie does not call.Angel’s Madagascar frogs are large-sized frogs (6-8 cm), but the greenish brownish coloration of their skin might make them hard to spot in the similar granite stones which are characteristic of the brooks they live in.

Sadly Angel’s Madagascar frog is currently listed as endangered and Its forest habitat is receding due to threats like human expansion, deforestation, agriculture and human consumption.