Judith Mirembe

  • Project name: Strengthening the Community Conserved Area initiative at Mabamba wetland to protect the Shoebill
  • Project site: Mabamba wetlands, Uganda
  • EDGE species: Shoebill Balaeniceps rex
  • Active: 2017 - 2019


Judith initially began working with NatureUganda as an intern conducting bird population monitoring. After completing her degree at Makerere University, she joined the staff at NatureUganda as a promising young conservationist looking to build upon her academic understanding of conservation with hands on experience. She is committed to engaging local communities in conservation work.

Judith sees the Segré-EDGE Fellowship as an opportunity to learn from the diverse experiences of other fellows and share different perspectives on conservation that she may apply to her work in the future. She also hopes to further her skills in conservation action planning and leadership.

EDGE Project

This Segré-EDGE Fellowship project aims to conserve important shoebill habitat in the Mabamba Bay wetland, Uganda. Judith will maximise Shoebill conservation by engaging the local community in her project, and intends to employ a sustainable Community Conserved Areas (CCA) technique that will enable the community to manage their own resources sustainably. To achieve this, Judith’s project will:

  • Map the wetland to identify boundaries and Shoebill strongholds;
  • Deliver awareness activities amongst the local community on the threats to the Shoebill and biodiversity in Mabamba Bay;
  • Provide community training to develop practical skills such as identifying and monitoring Shoebill populations, status, resources, and habitat;
  • Provide reports and feedback to mandated authorities, including information pertaining to the illegal wildlife trade.

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