Yuan Lei

  • Project name: Conservation of the wild camel in China
  • Project site: Lop Nor and Arjin mountain, Xinjiang, China
  • EDGE species: Wild camel Camelus ferus
  • Active: 2007 - 2008


Yuan Lei was one of the first EDGE Fellows to join the programme in 2007. He graduated with a Masters degree in Nature Geography from Xinjiang University, after which he worked for Xinjiang Environmental Monitoring Centre where he focused on environmental monitoring of desert ecosystems.

Yuan Lei has been involved in public education campaigns to raise awareness of the need for protecting the wild camel.

EDGE Project

Yuan Lei’s project aims were to:

  • Research the status of the wild camel in Lop Nor and the Arjin mountain and develop a conservation action plan for this species in China
  • Determine wild camel abundance
  • Assess habitat quality and the impact of human activity in the Xinjiang Lop Nor Wild Camel National Nature Reserve

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