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Tsingymantis antitra

Tsingymantis antitra


Tsingymantis antitra is the sole species in Tsingymantis, meaning this is a monotypic genus.

This species is part of the Mantellidae frog family, which diverged from all other amphibian lineages about 50 million years ago, which makes them as dissimilar from their closest relatives as porcupines are from chinchillas. This family is estimated to have colonized the island of Madagascar 76–87 million years ago. This species is endemic to the Ankarana Special Reserve in Madagascar and it has been found around the “Petit Tsingy”, Campement Anilotra and close the Campement d’Andrafiabe. A major threat to this species is continued habitat degradation due to the collection of firewood, timber, the grazing of livestock and sapphire mining. Despite this species occurring in the Ankarana National park, which is protected, improved management is required. This species also has special status in Malagasy biodiversity.

  • Order: Anura
  • Family: Mantellidae
  • Population: Rare
  • Trend: unknown
  • Size: 54-64mm

EDGE Score

EDGE Score: 5.88 (?)
ED Score: 43.93 (?)
GE / IUCN Red List (?)
Not Evaluated Data Deficient Least Concern Near Threatened Vulnerable Endangered Critically Endangered Extinct in the Wild Extinct


This species is only known from the Ankarana Special Reserve in northern Madagascar, between 50-117 metres above sea level.

Habitat and Ecology

This species lives in leaf litter and all specimens have been found at night in association with the tsingy limestone formations, either along a small brook or near dry riverbeds. Tadpoles and newly metamorphed juveniles of this species were observed in small rock pools.

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This wordcloud illustrates the threats facing this species. The size of each word indicates the extent of a species range that is affected by that threat (larger size means a greater area is affected). The colour of the word indicates how much that threat impacts the species (darker shades of red mean the threat is more severe).

Livestock Mining Logging

Threat wordcloud key:

Small area affected
Large area affected
Least severe
Most severe
Severity unknown
Source: The IUCN List of Threatened Species. Version 2017.1.
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