Superhero Sunday: The Top 10 Superpowers of EDGE Species Part 2/2

  Welcome back to Superhero Sunday here at EDGE!  Last week we met a salamander who can go ten years without eating, a bird who’s older than the Titanic, an armoured anteater, and lots more!  This week we continue with our countdown of EDGE species with amazing superpowers, animals that rival the greatest characters in […]

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Superhero Sunday: The Top 10 Superpowers of EDGE Species Part 1/2

Who loves superheroes? We all love superheroes! From Spiderman to the Avengers to Batman to the Fantastic Four to Ant-Man, superheroes are flooding popular culture and becoming an increasingly huge part of western culture. But sometimes we forget that powers that seem impossible in humans are common, even run-of-the-mill, in animals. And nowhere is that […]

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Website diary – My Mongolian adventure

Drinking fermented horses milk, racing alongside camels and being deserted in the world’s fifth largest desert. It might not sound like everyone’s cup of tea but it was one of the most incredible 3 weeks of my life….. My name is Laura Laird and for the last 5 years I have been working for ZSL […]

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Create Your Own EDGE Species

In partnership with EDGE, Mozilla Thimble has built the Awesome Animal Builder project, where you can create your own EDGE species by ‘remixing’ different parts from real EDGE animals. Thimble makes it easy to work with HTML and CSS (the main building blocks of websites) by splitting up the screen so you can change the […]

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Species of the Week: Bactrian Camel

The only true wild camels that still exist are Bactrian camels (Camelus ferus). This species can survive in one of the most hostile environments on Earth, the Gobi desert of Mongolia, withstanding long periods of drought, starvation and even radiation from nuclear weapons testing.   The ancestors of the true camels migrated to Asia about […]

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