Sagalla Caecilian Conservation Makes Significant Progress in Kenya

In Kenya, the Sagalla Caecilian Conservation Project is carrying out habitat rehabilitation through planting of indigenous trees and vetiva grass in Sagalla Hill forest, to reduce soil erosion and increase soil fertility to improve the habitat quality for the Sagalla caecilian (Boulengerula niedeni). The project is also working with locals to help them create livelihoods […]

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New Family of Caecilians Discovered

North-east India is a poorly understood region only considered to be a ‘gateway’ between the Himalayan and Indo-Burmese biodiversity hotspots, but now researchers are calling for more attention after the recent discovery of a whole new family of amphibians in the area. This result is the culmination of five years of hard labour: from 2006 […]

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Leaping Ahead of Extinction

To coincide with Leap Day, Amphibian Ark has launched a new international event that is celebrating the successes achieved in amphibian conservation, both in the wild and captivity. The organisation is a branch of the IUCN Amphibian Specialist Group Conservation division, with the target of implementing an Amphibian Conservation Action Plan (ACAP). The focus of […]

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A great month for the livelihoods project in Sagalla

A  great month for the livelihoods project in Sagalla

The alternative livelihoods project to secure a future for he Sagalla caecilian never stops… Tree planting The weather has favoured tree planting this month, enabling us to plant 1,200 indigenous seedlings in an area of burnt exotic forest (mainly Eucalyptus). 4,000 seedlings in total will be planted in this area this season. The tree planting […]

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Tree planting season launched

Tree planting season launched

James Mwang’ombe is the project manager for the Sagalla Caecilian (Boulengerula niedeni) conservation project in Kenya. One of the projects activities is the planting of indigenous trees in an effort to rehabilitate the habitats that the sagalle caecilian uses. Here, James gives us an update on how the project is progressing. Tree planting season launched […]

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