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Working with Living Collections

Marta Gaworek-Michalczenia is a Vodafone World of Difference Award winner working at ZSL in the Reptile House. Following on from her previous blog she tells us more about what she is doing during her two month placement. Most of the time during my placement in the ‘Word of Difference Programme’ I am spending in the […]

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Introducing Marta

My name is Marta Gaworek-Michalczenia. Straight from the start I want to thank Helen Meredith for giving me the opportunity and privilege to blog about my experience on the EGDE website. She has been very friendly and supportive towards me and actually helped me to get a grant from Vodafone. Very briefly, the Vodafone World […]

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Making a World of Difference

This week Catherine Head and Camellia Williams begin work on developing a coral reef training course supported by the Vodafone World of Difference Foundation. Catherine and Camellia are among 500 people across the UK who won the opportunity to work at their chosen charity for two months and they will use this time to develop […]

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Searching for chinchillas in Bolivia

My name is Maria Eugenia and I come from Bolivia. I decided to study biology because I love wildlife and I want to support its conservation and management. I graduated from the Universidad Mayor de San Andrés in La Paz – Bolivia, and then went to Mexico to study for a Master of Science. The […]

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The pygmy sloth from Isla de Escudo, Panama

While on holiday in Panama, David Curnick, a member of the Marine and Freshwater team at ZSL and sloth enthusiast met with Bryson Voirin who has spent the last 5 years filming and following the progress of the pygmy three-toed sloth (Bradypus pygmaeus) on the tiny island of Isla de Escudo which lies 17km from […]

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