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Unveiling the characteristics of torrent frogs

Since the last week of March, heavy rains have been pouring in Kenya. Catastrophic floods and massive landslides, in which numerous people have lost their lives and property, have been witnessed in various parts of the country. It has, therefore, become practically impossible to navigate the rough terrain of Mt Elgon to search for Du […]

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Protecting Colombia’s Critically Endangered

My whole life I’ve dreamed of venturing into the forests and wild places of my country of Colombia. Now, a childhood dream has become a reality and I spend my days travelling through my beautiful country, experiencing its different ecosystems and habitats, contemplating the magnificence of its natural landscape and biodiversity. I am a Biology […]

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Turning a childhood hobby into a career

EDGE Fellow Caleb Ofori Boateng is one of West Africa’s leading herpetologists and through his EDGE Fellowship he will now be championing the little know Togo slippery frog… My childhood days were spent in the dust and the dirt of the West African savannahs. My Dad was a local wildlife warden and his job brought me […]

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Passion for Pillar Coral

Nikita is one of our newest EDGE Fellows. As she explain in this blog, her commitment to the conservation of marine biodiversity in The Bahamas goes back to childhood…  For as long as I can remember, I have always loved the outdoors and being in the water. It was of no great surprise to anyone when my […]

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