A new EDGE Fellow!

The EDGE team is delighted to announce that we have now raised sufficient funds for a second EDGE Fellow, Adya Yadamsuren. Adya would like to express his warmest thanks to everyone that has donated to the EDGE Fellows programme and the Bactrian camel, and helped create this opportunity for him.

AdyaAdya Yadamsuren (28 years old) has been selected as an EDGE fellow studying the wild Bactrian camel (Camelus bactrianus ferus). He graduated from State Pedagogical University of Mongolia in 2000. Currently he is studying at the National University of Mongolia as a PhD student.

Adiya worked as a biologist in the Khovsgol National Park between 2000 and 2001. After that he had studied in MSc course at the State Pedagogical University of Mongolia.

He has also been affiliated to the Biology Institute of the Mongolian Academy of Science since 2002 as a research fellow. He has been studying the Wild Bactrian camel since 2002.

The goal of Adya’s project is identify the threats to wild camel and conservation measures to address the threats, as well as develop detailed recommendations for the potential reintroduction sites.

You can continue to support Adya’s vital work by donating to the EDGE Fellows programme, or by supporting the Bactrian camel.

Adya with camel

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