Urgent Action Needed: Planting Trees for Loris

This campaign is now closed!

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We Urgently Need Your Help to raise £5,000 by the end of August to begin our reforestation project!

The Horton Plains slender loris was believed to be possibly extinct, until two years ago when it was rediscovered by our researchers. There are only about 80 individuals left in the wild. It has lost the majority of its habitat–Montane Evergreen forests. There are no means for these lorises to move between the remaining forest patches. This makes it very difficult for them to breed, find mates or escape from natural disasters. If we are to prevent the extinction of these extraordinary creatures we need to reconnect their habitat

The EDGE of Existence programme has worked alongside local authorities to design a community based reforestation program creating ecological corridors between fragmented forest patches in the highlands of central Sri Lanka. We plan to plant 100 hectares of degraded land with seedlings of native trees. We need £5,000 by the end of August to cover the costs of seedlings for the first 10 acres of lands to be planted!

Re-establishing parts of the forest habitat will also help a species of leopard, the ‘shaggy bear monkey’ the endemic Nillu rat , and the Sri Lanka spiny mouse. Please don’t let the Horton Plains slender loris silently become extinct, help us make a difference today.