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Superhero Sunday: The Top 10 Superpowers of EDGE Species Part 2/2

  Welcome back to Superhero Sunday here at EDGE!  Last week we met a salamander who can go ten years without eating, a bird who’s older than the Titanic, an armoured anteater, and lots more!  This week we continue with our countdown of EDGE species with amazing superpowers, animals that rival the greatest characters in […]

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Superhero Sunday: The Top 10 Superpowers of EDGE Species Part 1/2

Who loves superheroes? We all love superheroes! From Spiderman to the Avengers to Batman to the Fantastic Four to Ant-Man, superheroes are flooding popular culture and becoming an increasingly huge part of western culture. But sometimes we forget that powers that seem impossible in humans are common, even run-of-the-mill, in animals. And nowhere is that […]

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Froggy Went A-Courting

In spring 2014, a very important tadpole hatched from a frog egg at ZSL London Zoo. It was shortly followed by many brothers and sisters, and these 3mm long ‘swimming commas’ were the first live tadpoles of Xenopus longipes, the Lake Oku clawed frog, to be seen by human eyes. These tadpoles, the product of the […]

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Introducing EDGE fellow Arun Kanagavel

My name is Arun Kanagavel and I have been working in the Western Ghats Biodiversity Hotspot in India on herpetofauna and with local communities to integrate them into participatory forest management and conservation. After my Master’s course at the Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology, my first break into the field was through the Zoological […]

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Species of the Week: Archey’s Frog

Species of the Week: Archey’s Frog

This frog is often described as a “living fossil” since it is almost indistinguishable from the fossilised remains of frogs that lived 150 million years ago. Archey’s frog (Leiopelma archeyi) is one of four species of prehistoric New Zealand frogs which are the most ancient and primitive frogs in the world. To give you an […]

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